macbook-606763_1920Virtual delivery of learning is becoming more and more commonplace.  Driven both by learners demands (people want to maximise productivity and minimise the costs involved in undertaking L&D) but also by the huge advances in technology.

And I’m sure this is nothing new to you.

However, recently, as I’ve been developing the content for the Effective Virtual Delivery topic on The Trainers CPD Club (opens next week) I discovered that a really good, FREE and pretty well known tool of delivering virtual learning is going under used!  So I thought I would make it the subject of this weeks CPD blog – can you guess what it is yet??

If you guessed Google Hangouts On Air then give yourself a gold star!  😀

Okay, so it’s not a perfect system for delivering online learning.  It doesn’t have the fancy features of webex or gotowebinar. Delegates can’t raise their hands or participate in polls, so it does mean that you (as the facilitator) have to be much more on your game.  But it doesn’t have the price tag either.

Sessions run on Hangouts on Air don’t have to be one way communication though.  You can use an applause app to get opinions from attendees.  They can give a thumbs up or thumbs down so you could use it for quite a wide range of questions.

There is also a Q&A app which you can use to take questions from your audience either before or during the hangout.  A great tool to getting some interaction going.

Google Hangouts on Air if free.  And as a result, to my mind, it is the perfect tool for introducing live delivering into your business or organisation.  You can try it out risk free.  Once you have proven that it’s a method which will be successful in your organisation then you can go for the more professional delivery software.

What will be your first learning session delivered by Hangout? (Or what was your first session for those of you on the ball!)

Further Learning

If you haven’t used Hangouts on Air before, there are some really great, easy to follow tutorials on how to use it:

How to Host Hangouts-on-Air from Social Media Examiner.  This is a fab article which walks you through each step of setting up and running your first hangout on air.

Google Hangout on Air Tutorial – A short YouTube video walking you through how to set up a hangout.


Until next week,




P.s – if you are interested in learning more about how to FACILITATE a virtual session, then our November Club topic might be of interest to you.

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