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November’s Module is Trainer and the Law.

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction to Module (5mins)
Module 2 The Data Protection Act
Unit 1 The Data Protection Act: Introduction (5mins)
Unit 2 The Principles Of The Act (7mins)
Unit 3 The Rights Of The Individual (3mins)
Unit 4 What It Means In Practice - Activity (10mins)
Unit 5 What It Means In Practice - Activity Review (5mins)
Unit 6 The Quiz Results (2mins)
Module 3 An Introduction to Freedom of Information
Unit 1 FOI - The Theory (7mins)
Unit 2 FOI - Activity (10mins)
Module 4 Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights
Unit 1 Introduction (4mins)
Unit 2 Copyright - The Basics (3mins)
Unit 3 Online Learning (2mins)
Unit 4 The Internet (3mins)
Unit 5 Audio & Video (10mins)
Unit 6 Images (10 mins)
Unit 7 Creative Commons (4mins)
Unit 8 Protecting Your Resources (4mins)
Module 5 An Introduction to the Performance Rights Society
Unit 1 PRS & PPL - Theory (4mins)
Unit 2 PRS & PPL - Activity (5mins)
Module 6 Module 6 - Summary
Unit 1 Summary (15mins)
Unit 2 Post-Module Evaluation (5mins)
Unit 3 Next Steps (3mins)
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