Are you looking for a way to develop your skill set and undertake CPD which is flexible, covers the topics you want to learn about and is cost effective?


Then the Trainers CPD Club is for you!


Why do CPD?

It’s so important that we keep our skills and knowledge up to date.  Especially as the world of learning and development is continually changing as we discover more and more about how the brain works and technology advances.  If we neglect our own development, it would be all too easy for our learning to become “out of touch and dull – not just for our delegates but for us too!

Why Me?

 DSC_5068My name is Fiona Pollock and I’m here to help you deliver the best, most effective learning to your delegates by being the best trainer you can be.


I’ve specialised in Learning and Development for over 16 years now and during that time I’ve had the pleasure of working across many industries in both the public and private sectors.  I’ve developed, designed a wide range of learning solutions which have been delivered to a very diverse range of delegates (including Senior Managers, Admin Staff, Supervisors, NHS Consultants, Finance Professionals, Scientists, Customer Facing Personnel and IT Specialists).


I’ve been where you are:  trying to do the day-job well whilst also finding time to maintain my own skills and knowledge so I can continue to deliver the best solutions to clients and colleagues.


Why The Trainers CPD Club?

I know how hard it can be to find some way to develop your skills and knowledge which fits into your busy work and homes life, whilst also providing practical learning that you can use straight away AND is cost effective.  I’ve spent years trying to juggle work commitments to attend day time development sessions and family commitments to attend things in the evenings.  Invariably something had to give and it was usually my CPD.


I set the Trainers CPD Club up to provide CPD in a flexible way – you can access it anywhere, at anytime.  Each monthly module is 1.5-2hours long, and the videos are broken down into smaller chunks lasting no longer that 20mins.  Far easier to find a 20 minute gap in your schedule than it is to find a 2 hour window!


There is a different module each month, and topics are always focused on the knowledge and skills which will help you stay on the top of your game.  Some of the modules you can expect to see in the coming months include:


  • Trainer and the Law


  • Equality & Diversity for Trainers


  • Brain Friendly Learning


  • Virtual Delivery


You will be able to network and will have lots of opportunities to ask questions, get advice and share best practice through the growing community of Trainers.

Finally (and I am  pretty pleased about this!) our modules are all being accredited by the CPD Standards office, so you get an official CPD Certificate with each completed module.

CPD Accredited Logo


Each Month You Get:


  • Video Tutorials


  • Supporting Workbooks or Handouts


  • Templates


  • A live Q&A


You also get exclusive access to The Trainers CPD Club community for the duration of your membership.


And as a bonus, you’ll also get full access to our sister site The Material Bank for free for as long as you are a member of The Trainers CPD Club!  The Material Bank provides access to a range of ready-to-run training for trainers and facilitators.

Your first month will cost £11.99 (£9.99 + VAT) and each month after is only £24.99 (including VAT) per month.  Membership can be paid on a monthly basis, so there is no big upfront cost!

Alternatively, you can select our Annual Membership option and get 12-months CPD for the price of 10!  A great investment at only £249.90!


What to find out more about this months module?  Click here.



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